During our 25 years of experience working and implementing Body technique exercises with our clients and educating students, through the Kinesiology academy of Body technique, the results we have been getting by training or working with people with various problems continuously exceeded our expectations.

The objectives in terms of both efficiency and effectiveness by using Body technique exercises have been in most cases exceeded. Therefore, in order to validate received results, we have decided to undertake various research in our broad areas of expertise in various fields such as pelvic floor health, vital energy, balancing of organic systems, functional muscle testing, reduction and control of body weight, etc., which would verify our work.

We have been delighted to publicly announce some of our work (some research papers are still in progress) in order to share our results with you. We intend to further obtain our cutting-edge research papers to empower you with further knowledge.

Take a deep dive into specific topics and areas of study with our Body technique philosophy. Each paper will provide you with a thorough understanding of the topic and our holistic way of problem-solving. If you fear disease because it runs in your family, take action, be proactive and consciously participate in your preventive or curative protocol which we designed.

Take a look at some of the incredible results that we got in the research "Integrated approach to pelvic floor health with Body technique exercises"

Initial and final testing (%)

In this research 24 users participated, ranging from 55 to 85 years of age. The study lasted 2 months, from February 2018. to April 2018. In that period once a week we went to their premises and practiced pre-exercises of Body technique, that lasted for 45-minutes, to raise awareness of the feet, knees, pelvis, ribs, shoulder blades, shoulders, head, and breathing and then we taught them some extra exercises of Body technique that helped them to connect their whole body.

We also gave them 5 integrated exercises for the pelvic floor. They got one exercise every week and they had to repeat the exercise daily and independently by following certain tips. We tested the subjects in a period of 2 months with an initial and final questionnaire to determine whether there are pelvic organ problems and whether and how much the results improved upon completion of the research period. We wanted to explore if we influence pelvic organ health, but also overall health with targeted exercises of Body technique.

On the second question in the survey questionnaire:
While coughing, sneezing, and blowing your nose, do you feel like something falls out or you can even touch something at your vaginal outlet?” the answers were as follows:

In the initial test, as many as 33% of respondents circled the answer always, 23% circled often, and 17% rarely. In the final testing, the results were significantly improved and 42% of respondents circled the answer never, 42% rarely, and 17% often.

Initial testing (%)
Final testing (%)
NeverRarelyOftenAlways (0)

To the following question: "When lifting loads, standing up, walking, and exercising, my symptoms intensify”.

In the initial survey, 17% of respondents answered that their symptoms increase always or often and in the final testing the number of respondents who answered “always or often” decreases to 8%, while 58% of respondents responded that they rarely felt an increase in symptoms, and 33% of them never.

Initial testing (%)
Final testing (%)
NeverRarelyOftenAlways (0)

Next question that also showed positive results in the final test in the direction of reduction or complete disappearance of the problem and symptoms was:
"Do you suffer from frequent (two or more times) night urination?

The inital answers were: 25% said always, 17% rarely and only 8% never.
The final answers were: 21% said never, 33% rarely and only 4% always.

Initial testing (%)
Final testing (%)

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