My faith - my philosophy

I truly live what I want to convey to you because everything I do needs to pass through my body. I need to experience it for myself first to communicate the right message to you. If I feel certain information is true, it usually manifests itself as body tingling for me. It is a confirmation that my findings are authentic and genuine. My only wish is to help and support you in the experience of lightness, flutter, and joy of living through the physical body.

Illness and painful conditions are a tool used by our body to indicate that something important, valuable, and unique is hidden in us. I am convinced that there is an answer to all our doubts in our bodies and I realized that inner understanding comes through movement! Spiritual strength and potential are rooted in ourselves, it is up to us to discover them.

If you learn to communicate more deeply with yourself, you will slowly begin to feel that you are a unique, unrepeatable experience materialized from a trillion different parts.

I approach each client with gratitude and affection because emotions of respect and quiet admiration release incentive information for your body. When I started working this way, relying on trust, intuition, and emotion, I moved away from the pure physical work I practiced at the beginning of my career. For me, that specifically meant moving towards finer, more subtle work on the body. My attention shifted from the stiffer and superficial structures to deeper tissue structures, i.e. from bones and muscles to the fascia, blood, lymph, nerves and hormones.

Once you truly touch your inner potential, your character, habits, and life will gain a new quality, direction, and vitality. Regardless of your age, the hardships, burdens, and emotions you carry, you can begin to unwind your tangled knot starting with physical blockages, discomfort, and stiffness with these exercises. You will simply feel the body’s need for higher cognitions and the discovery of further possibilities. The changes will be very slight, month after month, but there will come a time when you will look back and realize that you have stopped living the way your beliefs or surroundings have imposed on you and that you have taken a whole new path - one that supports your uniqueness.

4 basic postulates of our method

4 basic postulates of our method - 0401

We use special types of assistance and manipulations that are specific to our philosophy. The number of repetitions of the exercise depends on your condition and not on your desire, pre-set goal, or your previous lesson. In our philosophy, the rule "the more the better" does not apply because we believe it is a short-term path that causes more harm than good. Thus, we make multiple uses of the time we have at our disposal (quality and proper exercise with education and manipulation) because we include all parts of the body in the exercise according to its current capabilities.

4 basic postulates of our method - 0302

During every lesson, our focus is primarily on you. Our wish is to educate you, not just train with you. To do so, we give you new, different exercises during each individual lesson to encourage your brain to create new synapses that will allow you to do things in a new way. Adopting new ways of moving is like learning a new foreign language. It takes time, but once you learn to talk to your body, you will find a source of great support. With learning a new movement, your neck, back or shoulders will no longer be stiff in various situations because you will know how to prevent these problems. And most importantly, you will know how to prevent the onset of more severe conditions.

4 basic postulates of our method - 0203

When you are burdened with diagnoses and problems, your life story is extremely important to us. We want to know how you grew up, developed yourself and what type of relationships you have experienced so far. Any exercise that significantly raises your heart rate is in a degree stressful for your body, so it is important to review your goals and adjust them to your current condition. Sore and tired bodies lack motivation and confidence which is reflected in your breathing, posture and accelerated aging.

In this case, we do not additionally burden you with high intensity exercises, but we restore muscle strength, regenerate organic systems, relax the overloaded neurological system. This allows your cells to recover oxygen and energy to ensure your body restores its vitality.

4 basic postulates of our method - 0104

Your physique, fitness and vitality categories are more important to us than how old you are, how heavy you are, which ready-made number you wear. We are interested in your life habits- We avoid creating a program for you according to your aesthetic desires. We act based on the needs that you are most likely not even aware of.

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