I am Ana-Marija

Like every one of you, I feel that I am an opportunity for the world, for evolutionary growth in every direction and polarity our humankind offers us. I am presenting my inner word to you, in the field, while being deeply connected with nature, which allows me to perceive the world from a different angle than most people. I always seek, therefore I see never-ending possibilities, creativity, love, and joy in people.

My story is my power and my blessing. My school is my workplace (my playground as I love to say), my teacher is my body and my books are my clients and the people around me.

My colleagues say I am an intuitive healer, but I see myself as a visionary helper. My earliest years of life are a platform for who I am today, where most of my energy was focused on observing and self-exploring. Back then, I felt different, not deeply connected, not understood enough, alone in visions, emotions, and thoughts… However, in me, my world was so real, colorful, strong, and filled with gratitude. I felt grateful for my vision without learning about gratitude from a religion. I was guided by my intuition which led me to the precious gift of my life, my true calling.

I perceive my body as a temple of love and light. It is the source of change for my clients. I act out of great love and gratitude from my whole body and heart. There is a saying: “ Dream and manifest the very thing that you are seeking.” So, I am a love seeker and a heart listener.

Our heart is the single most important muscle that we have to nourish, balance, and strengthen. When our heart is balanced and resonating our bodies look and feel different. Our movement is free when the inner light, called natural beauty, unfolds and shows up no matter our age, gender, condition, and status. My secret motive behind every exercise I propose to you is how to encounter, develop, renew, and keep this inner strength, vitality, and happiness. I am your secret admirer, your mirror, and your soulmate. Thank you for being a part of my I am story.

I teach people how every mental image and intention is their inner light that becomes more visible with conscious breath, body position and movement.

Personal transformation

As a ten-year-old, I was convinced that when I grow up, I would do something special and important for the human body, something different. I started experimenting with my parents and friends at the age of 15 constantly searching for my way.

I was helped and supported by experts I came in contact with, from yoga teachers, chiropractors to Russian massage practitioners, bioenergetics and dancers. At the age of 20, I became aware of my vision and the direction I wanted to go in terms of working with the body.

We can learn how to listen to our body because it is our living lab responding to what is happening in and out of us.

At the age of 25, my husband and I opened our PBS Centre. We both believed we were doing something good. We were surrounded by wonderful parents, friends and loyal practitioners who helped us. We did it with a heart that gave us the security and confidence to move in the right direction. We lived on a loan for almost two years and often with a daily budget of only six and a half Euros while our first child was still in diapers. Sometimes it seemed to me that it would be impossible to cover all the financial obligations. I used to cry out of fear and worry.

My husband recognized that we could handle it, he believed in my dreams and capabilities. For that, I am thankful to him. He saw in me something special, unmoulded, joyful, strong, and as he often tells me, natural and open, which attracts people.

Our experience of material investment in what we deeply believe means more to me than a business venture. If we invest according to our intuition, we invest in personal growth, development and learnings. And that is the greatest joy of living for me.

Therefore, when you feel that something is good for you, that it has attracted you, even if it may seem unattainable price-wise, realize that your body and your intuition have recognized the path of your recovery or growth.

Ask yourself how much it is worth to you? Get organized and start investing in your new body, health and ultimately - your new self.

If something feels good to you, if it attracts you, listen to your intuition and invest in your new, better self.

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